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The Virtual Institute of Physics


The Virtual Institute of Physics is a virtual administrative organization implemented with the purpose to develop and stimulate scientific researches of interest in the field of physics and advanced materials, of nanophysics and nanomaterials, of theories on nanostructures, of nanostructural chemistry, of bio-structures, as well as in magnetism and oxide materials. A special attention is given to the research in optics and optoelectronics with output in lasers and Extreme Light production. Environmental researches are also approached. Applications in industry and medicine represent an important field of research. The researches are carried out both theoretically and experimentally by collaboration with national and worldwide institutions which possess adequate equipment.

The Institute presents the results of the researches both by posting on Internet and by publication in various scientific periodicals and in books.

The financement of the activities of the Institute is achieved by projects claimed in scientific competitions in Romania and abroad. The financement by the industrial projects is also considered.

The international cooperation is ensured by Internet communication and by posting on VIP blog. The access to administrative and financial documents is limited to the Directory Staff.


The Virtual Institute of Physics of the Foundation "Horia Hulubei"