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Ecophysics (Ecofizica)

Head: Dr. Marian Butu, National Institute of R&D for Biological Sciences, Bucharest



·  Spectrophotometric method for quantitative determination of nystatin antifungal agent in pharmaceutical formulations

·  In silico analysis of antimicrobial peptides from plants
Marian BUTU, Steliana RODINO, Petruta PETRACHE, Alina BUTU

·  Research regarding the antimicrobial activity of plant extracts
Steliana RODINO, Marian BUTU, Georgeta FIDLER, Alina BUTU, Constanta NEGOESCU, Calina Petruta CORNEA

·  IR spectroscopy of the flour from bones of European hare

·  Polyacetylene and carotenes from Petroselinum sativum root

·  Study of zingiberene from Lycopersicon esculentum fruit by mass spectometry

·  In vitro efficacy of some plant extracts against damping off disease of tomatoes
Steliana Rodino, Alina Butu, Marian Butu, Calina Petruta Cornea

·  Screening of bioflavonoid and antioxidant activity of lens culinaris medikus
Marian BUTU, Steliana RODINO, Alina BUTU, Monica BUTNARIU

·  Determination and quantification of maize zeaxanthin stability

·  Screening of the antioxidant capacity and total phenolic content of three native plants
Marian BUTU, Steliana RODINO, Diana Andreea GOLEA, Alina BUTU

·  Antifungal activity of four plants against Alternaria alternata
Steliana RODINO, Marian BUTU, Alina BUTU, Calina Petruta CORNEA

·  Structural investigation of mistletoe plants from various hosts exhibiting diverse lignin phenotypes
Samfira, M. Butnariu, S. Rodino, M. Butu

·  Microencapsulation of the allelochemical compounds and study of their release from different products
Carmen Barbat, Steliana Rodino, Petrache Petruta, Marian Butu, Monica Butnariu

·  Comparative characteristics of Lupinus perennis L. under allelochemical sorgoleone stress
Ramona STEF, Cristian BOSTAN, Alina BUTU, Alina ORTAN, Steliana RODINO, Marian BUTU

·  Screening of some indigenous plants for identifying the inhibitory effect against Phytophthora infestans
Steliana Rodino, Andreea Dobre, Marian Butu

·  Alternative biological methods for control of tomato late blight
Steliana Rodino, Alina Butu, Marian Butu, Calina Petruta Cornea

·  Evaluation of Total Polyphenol Content of the Extracts Obtained from Selected Romanian Plant Species
Marian Butu, Nicoleta Andrei, Steliana Rodino

·  Preliminary investigation regarding the antifungal activity of Sambucus nigra extracts
Steliana Rodino, Constanta Negoescu, Marian Butu*, Petruta Calina CORNEA

·  Obtaining of proteic biomass by cultivation of lactic acid bacteria on grape marc diffusion solution
Marian BUTU, Steliana RODINO, Petruta PETRACHE, Marius Mihai MICU, Valentina TUDOR

·  Employment and unemployment in the Bucharest-Ilfov region 
STOICESCU Alina, ALECU Ioan Niculae, TUDOR Valentina, BUTU Marian

·  Romanian traditional products 
Valentina TUDOR, Ioana MACAU (TOGOE), Marian BUTU

·  The utilisation of grape marc for obtaining feed protein with ethanol consuming yeasts
Steliana RODINO, Marian BUTU, Constanta NEGOESCU, Valentina TUDOR, Marius Mihai MICU

·  Evaluation of some yeast strains to obtain forage biomass
Steliana RODINO, Marian BUTU, Constanta NEGOESCU

·  The BIOFUELS database
Marian Butu, Petruta Petrache, Steliana Rodino

·  Preliminary study of antibacterial effect of extracts obtained by different extraction methods
Marian BUTU, Carmen MANOLE, Steliana RODINO, Alina BUTU

·  Studies regarding the cultivation of safflower in Southern Romania
Alina BUTU, Catalina TUDORA, Steliana RODINO, Marian BUTU

·  Biodiesel production using calcium-based solid catalysts
Marian BUTU, Iulian GROSU, Steliana RODINO, Alina BUTU

·  Comparative study of the antioxidant activity and of the polyphenolic content for Thymus vulgaris leaves and Pinus sylvestris shoots
Marian BUTU, Diana GOLEA, Steliana RODINO, Alina BUTU

·  Testing of the antifungal effect of extracts of burdock, thyme and rough cocklebur
Marian BUTU, Andreea DOBRE, Steliana RODINO, Alina BUTU, Dumitru LUPULEASA

·  Allelopathic effect of Festuca rubra on perennial grasses
Cristian BOSTAN, Monica BUTNARIU, Marian BUTU, Alina ORTAN, Alina BUTU, Steliana RODINO, Cristina PÂRVU

·  Molecular dynamics simulation of seven structures of Viscotoxin
Alina BUTU, Steliana RODINO, Mariana FERDES, Marian BUTU

·  Comparative study of phenolic content of some plant extracts
Marian BUTU, Nicoleta ANDREI, Alina BUTU, Steliana RODINO

·  In silico molecular dynamics of the peptide WAMP–1A
Alina BUTU, Steliana RODINO, Mariana FERDES, Marian BUTU

·  Evaluation of antioxidant effect of ribes nigrum and vaccinium myrtillus leaves extracts on lipid oxidation
Diana GOLEA, Marian BUTU, Steliana RODINO, Alina BUTU

·  Fundamentals of isothermal titration calorimetry and some applications
Steliana RODINO, Marian BUTU, Diana GOLEA, Alina BUTU

·  The SIS algorithm and its applications
Andrei BANCILA, Mihaela PAUN, Stefan POPESCU, Laura PAUN, George ROATA, Iris MATEESCU, Marian BUTU, Andrei PAUN, Manuela SIDOROFF

·  Qualitative evaluation of fresh marc - raw material with valuable composition
Steliana RODINO, Marian BUTU, Diana GOLEA, Alina BUTU

·  The influence of sucrose concentrations on in vitro multiplication of Ribes Rubrum species
Carmen MANOLE, Viorica BALAN, Catalina TUDORA, Marian BUTU, Georgeta FIDLER, Steliana RODINO, Diana GOLEA, Alina BUTU

·  Molecular dynamics simulation of the Human Alpha-Defensin 5
Marian BUTU, Alina BUTU

·  In silico analysis of the antimicrobial peptide 2 from Amaranthus caudatus
Marian BUTU, Alina BUTU

·  Study of Plant Antimicrobial Peptides by Computational Methods
Marian BUTU, Alina BUTU

·  New Yeast Strains Isolation With Antagonist Potential Against Phytopathogenic Fungi
Georgeta Fidler, Marian Butu, Carmen Manole, Alina Butu, Petruta Calina Cornea

·  In silico study of molecular dynamics of human transthyretin variants
Marian BUTU, Alina BUTU

·  Antimicrobial peptides – natural antibiotics
Marian BUTU, Alina BUTU

·  Studies on the possibility to recover the by-products resulted from the vinification process
Alina BUTU, Marian BUTU, Steliana RODINO

·  Parallel molecular dynamics simulation for protein sequences on PC-cluster and server
Marian BUTU, Alina BUTU

·  Application of molecular dynamics simulations method for peptide 1ED3
Marian BUTU, Alina BUTU

·  Microbial beta–carotene use as a food additive
Alina BUTU, Gina FIDLER, Marian BUTU

·  Investigarea profilului metabolic al albinei melifere (Apis melifera carpatica) in stari carentiale si/sau stres (infometare)
Alina Butu, Agripina Sapcaliu, Diana Golea, Marian Butu, Carmen Manole

·  Matching hardware and software resources to achieve BIOSIS bioinformatic system for simulation of protein conformation 
Marian Butu, Alina Butu, Manuela Sidoroff, Diana Golea, Andrei Paun, Carmen Manole

·  Physical-chemical stability control of extracts concentrated in propilen glycol in standard depositing conditions
Alina Butu, Diana Golea, Marian Butu, Carmen Manole

·  Obtaining of a veterinary product for treatement and prophylaxis of rickets
Alina Butu, Marian Butu, Agripina Sapcaliu, I. Radoi

·  Simulation of subcells process by a (new) discrete way
A. Paun, A. RodrigueZ-Paton, Daniela Bratosin, Manuela Sidoroff, V. Boscaiu, Marian Butu

·  The physico-chemical characteristics of four variants of hepatoprotector product
Agripina Sapcaliu, Ion Radoi, Marian Butu, Alina Butu

·  The study of association probabilities in the binary mixture
Marian Butu, Alina Butu, C. Rodino, Manuela Sidoroff

·  Data bank for microorganisms used in biotechnology. Input and actualization data.II.
Alina Butu, Marian Butu

·  Molecular dynamics simulation as tool to study biological molecules
Alina Butu, Marian Butu

·  Monte Carlo methods in protein recurrent design
Alina Butu, Marian Butu

·  The design of a data bank for microorganisms used in biotechnology
Alina Butu, Marian Butu

·  Banca de date pentru microorganismele utilizate în industria alimentara
Alina BUTU, Marian BUTU

·  The analyse of requirements and the design of a data bank for microorganism used in biotechnology
Alina Butu, Marian Butu


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